Steve Jobs

Directed by Danny Boyle


Steve Jobs is a biopic of the eponymous co-founder of Apple. Poor directing weighs down the film’s near perfect writing and acting.

Would see.


2 thoughts on “Steve Jobs

  1. Aaron Sorkin is very well suited to writing a film about Steve Jobs. He is one of the best current monologue writers, but he struggles with naturalistic dialogue and realistic emotion. Since the film’s thesis is that Steve Jobs is incapable of everyday communication and emotional engagement, these flaws do not surface in the script of the film. Seth Rogen is a surprisingly good fit for Steve Wozniak and Michael Fassbender gives one of the best performances of the year as Steve Jobs. The camera angles are distracting and contribute nothing to the film. The end of the film is presented as sincere reconciliation, which is frustratingly in conflict with the film’s themes and script.

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