Inherent Vice

Directed by Paul Thomas Anderson


Inherent Vice, based on the Thomas Pynchon novel of the same name, follows Larry “Doc” Sportello, a frequently stoned private investigator, as his cases lead him deeper into an ever-widening web of conspiracies. Inherent Vice’s dense plotting requires multiple viewings to fully understand and appreciate, but the dream logic of the film makes it difficult to precisely pin down an exact mapping of the action. Inherent Vice’s aesthetic and plotting perfectly capture the free-floating paranoia of Sportello and elegiacally mourn the death of the ideals of his 1970s California milieu.

Would see.


2 thoughts on “Inherent Vice

  1. This was my third viewing. The first: I liked the film, but found it confusing. The second: I was less confused, and I liked the film significantly more. The third: I was a little bored, and I liked the film a little less. I don’t plan on seeing Inherent Vice a fourth time in the near future, but if I do, I will write a new comment.


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