Directed by Rick Famuyiwa


Dope is a crime comedy drama that follows three friends going to high school in Inglewood, California as a series of improbable circumstances drastically threatens their already tenuous situation. Whatever is wrong with Dope, it’s not for lack of aspirations. The film is ambitious in its subject matter, its plotting, its style, and its writing. Dope’s strong efforts and excellent acting, however, can’t entirely compensate for the film’s the scattershot pacing, inconsistent tone, occasional preachiness, and unsatisfying ending.

Would see.


2 thoughts on “Dope

  1. I haven’t seen any other films by him. He grew up in Inglewood, California, where Dope is set. He is slated to direct The Flash, part of the emerging “DC Cinematic Universe,” which hopefully (and very doubtfully) will not be as lifeless as Marvel’s.


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