Everybody Wants Some!!

Directed by Richard Linklater


Everybody Wants Some!! is a comedy about college baseball players in 1980. Everybody Wants Some!! is the kind of movie that seems not to get made very much anymore: a middle ambition movie. The film is rather slight and doesn’t aim to be more than it is. It is neither lazy nor poorly crafted, however, and its goals are so not easily achieved as to make the film wholly trivial artistically or insulting to the audience. Everybody Wants Some!! is a fun movie.

Would see.


3 thoughts on “Everybody Wants Some!!

  1. Young Frankenstein, Home Alone, and The Money Pit (really, most films with Tom Hanks before he started acting in dramatic roles in the 90s) are all middle ambition. Any film that’s well-made on a moderate but isn’t meant to be taken too seriously is middle ambition. Today, most films either have a giant budget and are designed to be blockbusters, are aiming for awards, or are made on a shoestring budget with high artistic aims. Most studios don’t make films with modest outlays in hopes of modest returns anymore. The goal is ever-expanding franchises and a handful of prestige pictures. In the 80s, the studios were the driving force behind “middle ambition films,” but now, most movies not connected to a franchise seem to be connected to a famous director, and that’s how most medium ambition films are being made. Hail, Caesar! and most recent Woody Allen films come to mind.


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